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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do you mean by filler-free and how does that help?

    Fillers are literally just cheap ‘bulking’ agents used by manufacturers when creating their laundry powder. They have no cleaning capabilities.

    Fillers can cause issues with human health.

    They are actually small gritty grains so the particles get lodged into the weave of your clothes. Even worse they do not dissolve, so remain in your clothes and turn them into sandpaper. Fillers are also very unkind to your skin and cause irritation.

    Fillers are likely contributors to the flaring up of sensitive skin and are irritants to people with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

    What are SLES and SLS and why should I avoid them?

    Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) are both surfactants and are great bubble makers, therefore are used by most cleaning and personal care product manufacturers to produce products like detergents and hand soaps.

    Both are recognised eye and skin irritants and are known to permeate through the skin.

    What are the beneficial properties of lemon myrtle oil?

    It has significant antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

    Research has determined that the anti-microbial activity of lemon myrtle oil was shown to be 30% higher than tea tree oil.

    What does toxin free or non-toxic mean?

    Toxic chemicals are poisons that are harmful to human and animal health.

    So a product that is toxin free or non-toxic means the product does not contain any ingredients at any level that causes toxic responses and poisoning.

    What does sensitiser free mean?

    A sensitiser is a chemical that causes a significant percentage of people or animals to develop an unwanted reaction (rash, reddening, itchiness etc) after repeated exposure. Sensitiser free means there are no harmful ingredients at any level that would cause such a reaction.

    Is the Lemon Myrtle Floor Cleaner ok to use on wooden floorboards?

    Yes, absolutely. The lemon myrtle Floor Cleaner has a neutral pH and low foaming formula that makes it perfect for all floors but especially shiny floors - tiles, vinyl, painted concrete and sealed wooden and bamboo floorboards. The neutral pH protects floor coatings and waxes. The low bubble formula means no bubble marks are left after mopping and you are left with a streak free finish.

    The hand soap isn’t very bubbly. Does it work well?

    People comment that the hand soap doesn’t lather up, that’s because SimplyClean has carefully selected the cleansing ingredients that are compatible with the germ killing ingredient, which are all low foaming. Therefore it is more of a creamy, silky, hydrating formula. Bubbles are not needed for a hand soap to clean.

    The lemon myrtle hand soap cleans your hands really well.

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