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Magnesium Nightly Wellness Drink


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Modern Magnesium combined with Aminos, Ayurvedic Herbs & Passionflower.
Relax. Unwind. Restore.
Designed to assist you to unwind, distress and prepare for a restful deep sleep.
Delicious chocolatey chai, naturally flavoured with cacao and whole ground spices to compliment your night time ritual. Innovations in sleep science combined with traditional eastern remedies work to soothe the mind and relax the body. Magnesium works with amino acids; L-Tryptophan and L-Theanine to restore your body’s circadian rhythm, while Passionflower, Ashwagandha and Jatamansi synergise as adaptogens to strengthen the immune system, relieve stress and induce a deep peaceful sleep.
200g Powder
30+ Serves
Natural Cacao and Chai Flavour

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