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Refill Simply No Mould – Simply Clean


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Select this option if you want to Refill your existing Simply Clean container or are going to supply your own container.
Healthy alternative to harsh chlorine-based mould sprays.
The active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, uses the power of oxygen to kill mould and fully biodegrades to just water and oxygen, leaving no harmful residue.
Chlorine-free also means no irritating and unhealthy odours.
Safely kills interior mould & mildew on hard surfaces such as showers, baths, tiles, grout, bench-tops, fridge & freezer seals, sinks, painted walls, woodwork and glass.
Toxin & sensitiser free
Colour free
Mild bleaching of mould stains
Family safe and earth safe
Safe for food prep surfaces
Non corrosive to grout, stainless steel and most other metals
No artificial fragrance
No animal testing or animal products
Palm oil free


250ml, 500ml, 1L

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