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Sunbutter Sunscreen SPF50


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Sunbutter SPF 50 Water Resistant Reef Safe Sunscreen is created with proven UVA-and UVB-blocker Zinc Oxide and a blend of natural sustainable ingredients to offer 4 hours of moisturising, water-resistant protection.
Formulated to be gentle enough for the face, body, sensitive and baby skin, it is also for our marine mammals and ocean ecosystems.
Sunbutter SPF 50 rubs in clear and comes in a non-aqueous formula, meaning it lasts longer than its water based counterparts. It also helps to lock in the skins natural moisture and leave skin feeling smooth and soft.
It comes in a food-grade, BPA-free, reusable and recyclable tin.
This sunscreen uses Coconut oil, which can melt in hot climates. Recommended to store it in a cool place and not in your car during the warmer months. If melted put it in the fridge for a few minutes to solidify before opening. Open on a flat surface to avoid it spilling out.
Australian made and owned. Certified Vegan, Gluten-free, Zero Waste.

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